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Hip Sobriety School, Day 11

Apologies all around, I fucked up. Sort of. (Not Holly’s mantra for today)

· Uncovery

Received a very kind note explaining that quoting part of a message from FreeSparkles (originally posted on the Hello Sunday Morning site) caused a confidentiality crisis with some members of our tribe. I'm way fine with it being taken down but I feel Holy Shit! terrible about adding one molecule of vulnerability to what we dare to share.

This space is so sacred and this work is so intimate. The entire thing is already fraught with anxiety and fear and holding back and “trying not to wallow in shame”—just being on Facebook for God’s sake is so damn scary—the last thing anyone needs to doubt is confidentiality.

I loved the email that circulated years ago (truth or fiction) that came from a teacher who asked her young students to describe love. One of my daughters scoffed and said the whole thing was written by someone “out there” but for me, those statements had a breath of wonder and innocence. Adults just don’t express themselves that way, and if someone made the whole thing up, I want to meet that person. My favorite was the little guy who said, “Love is when your name is safe in her mouth.”

FreeSparkles loved the idea of her message being shared here. She would jump at the chance to draw back her bow and shoot an arrow of Hope across the entire planet. When you have suffered that much and worked your ass off to achieve that over-the-moon feeling of absolute freedom, life holds no greater joy than reaching out a hand and saying to others, “You can do this. Everything you are feeling, I felt. Everything you are going through, I went through too. You only have to do one thing to join me in this incredible place: Don’t give up.”

I have no idea who FreeSparkles is. I don’t want or need to know. I love her anonymity because it makes her all of us, and I love the way she prefaced her message of hope: “I have come here today…” It made me smile because she sounds like some alien being who's conveying a message through a wormhole of consciousness, a clear voice from planet Absolute Freedom to Troubled Earth.

So goodnight and sweet dreams and may visions of absolute freedom dance in our heads. And enough already of the "mea culpa's"—let's get on with the work of creating miracles! We do indeed live in a Universe of unlimited possibilities.