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Hip Sobriety School, Day 40

"I am a brave steadfast fully supported beloved badass Warrior Goddess. "

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Holly invited us to enjoy a "choose your own mantra day" and that's mine. I even googled how to create reminders on my iPhone so that line will be popping up around 3 PM every afternoon.

At 4 PM—the ideal time to break out my yoga mat or pause for an afternoon meditation—this little gem will be flashing on the screen:

I am willing to stay here in serenity and stillness and allow The Presence within me to emerge.

Today is a day of "taking it easy" and reflecting back on all the things we've done the past six weeks that have given us a sense of pride. I'm probably not the only one who would have an easier time of listing all the things that haven't changed yet, the things I need to do or want to do or hope one day I can do. I could really go to town writing that list. Which is one of the many reasons why Hip Sobriety School and Holly's loving, gently unfolding approach is the perfect path for me.

Before I had even opened up today's daily message and mantra, I had already set today aside to make a few lists and one big change—Day 40 would be the final post for Hip Sobriety School. We have two more lessons on trauma yet to go, and God knows that daily writing has created a tectonic shift in my personal universe. But I need to free time and create space to establish and wire in new routines. Blogging and working on THE BOOK will be part of that flow—which by definition removes any self-imposed commitments or pressure.

Six points of pride, eggs over medium, coming right up!


1. Daily blogginga big effing deal for Aunt Blabby


2. HSS Facebook engagementthe tribe that rocks and rumbles and shouts and cries and bleeds and tells it like it is


3. Checking in with my global Hello Sunday Morning tribe


4. Stretches of glorious alcohol-free living punctuated by Ah-ha! revelations about new ways to avoid old patterns/pitfalls


5. Discovering the HOME podcast—the conversations between my new best friends that will be inspiring me and making me laugh and keeping me company while I clean the house


6. Committing to 'being with' each and every lesson and video and opportunity HSS has to offer for the remainder of 2017

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